Multi-taloned, not multi-talented


Clawsome! is a modified human with metal claws that bristle out all over his body, including some growing in really uncomfortable places. The claws are hooked, like cat’s claws, but they appear to be made of a metallic alloy such as adamantium or vibranium (in fact, they are vibrantium, a combination of those two rare and powerful metals which somehow manages to be less durable than either of them). Clawsome!’s claws rasp and clank when he walks, making it hard to miss this intimidating figure.

Because Clawsome!‘s metal claws are non-retractable, his costume has been fashioned around the awkward collection of blades, and is extremely difficult to remove. Luckily, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four took pity upon Clawsome! and designed a uniform composed of unstable molecules — but only if Clawsome! promised never to tell anyone that he knows Richards. Clawsome! isn’t very good at keeping secrets.

In combat, Clawsome! is a blunt instrument, which is pretty fucking ironic. Instead of using strategy, he hurls himself into any fray, trusting that his multitudinous talons will keep all foes at bay.

FIGHTING: Good (10)
AGILITY: Remarkable (30)
STRENGTH: Typical (15)
ENDURANCE: Remarkable (30)
REASON: Feeble (5)
INTUITION: Typical (6)
PSYCHE: Good (10)

RESOURCES: Excellent (20)

WEAKNESS: Elemental allergy (arsenic)
EFFECT: Power negation (vibrantium claws become flaccid)
DURATION: Limited duration during and after contact (1-100 turns)

POWERS: (3/6)

MODIFIED HUMAN HEALING: Heals twice as fast as normal humans.

NATURAL WEAPONRY (In): Clawsome! can use this power’s rank (Incredible) instead of his Fighting rank, using the Hack & Slash column. Damage 10 per attack.

ARMOUR SKIN (Gd): Clawsome! can use his abundant claws to deflect ranged attacks, decreasing the intensity of Shooting & Throwing results by one colour code.


After Albert Antwerp was dishonourably discharged from the US Army for executing POWs in Afghanistan (he thought “POW” was an order, not a classification), the dim-witted but patriotic grunt volunteered for an experimental super-soldier program designed to replicate the results of Canada’s Weapon X. Due to some sloppy math, the vibrantium that was meant to be bonded to the inside of Antwerp’s body ended up on the outside, causing him great discomfort but offering him the chance to finally make a real difference.

Antwerp began seeking out superheroes, hanging around with them in the hopes of being recruited into their circuit. He has a very suggestible personality, and most of his characteristics came from others — for instance, his code-name Clawsome! (complete with non-negotiable exclamation point), which was a facetious suggestion by Spider-Man that Antwerp took seriously. He has also had run-ins with the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, and all of them have politely asked him to stop following them.

Despite his gruff exterior and general cluelessness, Antwerp really is a good person, and wants to do the right thing. He feels badly about killing those POWs (although, really, they ought to call them something less confusing), and he hopes to make it up someday by saving a bunch of innocent lives.


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