The Masked Man Fallacy

Extraneous Extrasensory Extraterrestrial


The Masked Man Fallacy is a tall, thin figure clad in bright spandex decorated with the esoteric symbols of logical representation: inverted Es, sideways Ts, ampersands and exclamation points. The oddness of his costume is exceeded only by his manners and speech: truly, everything about the Fallacy is discombobulating. Except he actually does wear a mask — but then, if it’s true, is he really a fallacy after all? Huh? Huh?

FIGHTING: Excellent (20)
AGILITY: Good (10)
STRENGTH: Good (10)
ENDURANCE: Good (10)
REASON: Incredible (40)
INTUITION: Incredible (40)
PSYCHE: Remarkable (30)

KARMA: 110

WEAKNESS: Molecular allergy (water)
EFFECT: Incapacitation (lose 1 point of health per turn)
DURATION: Limited duration with contact (1-100 turns)

POWERS: (7/9)

DEVASTATING LOGIC (Gd): Using a barrage of rhetoric, the Fallacy can reduce both an opponent’s Reason and Intuition by 10 per use. Targets can make a Psyche FEAT check to resist this ability (success means the Fallacy is repelled by a headache-inducing backlash that prevents him from using logic on that target for 24 hours).

PARADOXICAL SELF-DUPLICATION (In): By arguing two contradictory points at once, the Fallacy can actually appear to be in two places at the same time. Opponents can attempt a Reason FEAT to identify and thus destroy the imposter. The copy can exist for up to 6 turns; during this time, the Fallacy can divide his superpowers between the two versions, effectively taking two actions per turn.

IRON WILL (Ex): In place of an Agility, Strength, or Endurance Resistance check, the Fallacy can temporarily absorb damage through force of will, to a maximum of 20 points. The Fallacy can maintain this pool through concentration; once released, he loses Health points equal to half the amount of damage originally absorbed.

LINGUISTICS (In): In addition to the 40 languages which the Fallacy currently understands, he can make a Power FEAT check to decipher new spoken or printed languages. The difficulty is determined by the strangeness of the source materials.

PRECOGNITION (Ex): Once per day, the Fallacy can attempt to determine the course of near-future events, based mostly upon his flawless understanding of sentient behaviour. The subject matter of his predictions is limited to people; he cannot predict natural or cosmic events. The Judge makes a secret Power FEAT check to determine the accuracy of the prediction. The Fallacy may attempt additional daily predictions, but each one is at -1 Power rank.

TOTAL MEMORY (In): The Fallacy remembers everything he has ever heard and seen. Effectively, h always has a 40% chance of having learned something useful about a given subject, no matter how esoteric. He can make a Power FEAT check to determine the specificity and immediate relevance of the memories he is seeking.



An alien from the planet Gur’zaz, the master mentalist Naxx-K’ylexx became the greatest hero of his people when he successfully repelled Galactus by convincing the Devourer of Worlds that Gur’zaz’s pollutants would give him cosmic gas. Subsequently, the Gur’zazzians turn on Naxx-K’ylexx when he attempted to persuade them to implement world-saving environmental measures. After he was exiled from Gur’zaz, the planet succumbed to climate change-related disasters, leaving Naxx-K’ylexx as the last of his people.

After wandering the galaxy for centuries, Naxx-K’ylexx chose Earth as his adoptive homeworld, mostly because the Guardians of the Galaxy pointed out that humans are pretty gullible, and need saving a lot. Since arriving, Naxx-K’ylexx has realized that humans are so far beneath him in terms of logic that he has had to “dumb down” a lot of his rhetorical strategies simply in order to be understood. His alter ego, “The Masked Man Fallacy,” is one such attempt, although his codename still goes over most people’s heads.

The Masked Man Fallacy

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