Supercilious Supernova Superhero


Starwipe is a muscular male mutant with a million dollar smile and immaculate hair. He wears a flattering spandex uniform with an unnecessary but eye-catching cape, and an obvious star motif on his chest, belt, and mirrorshades.

FIGHTING: Excellent (20)
AGILITY: Good (10)
STRENGTH: Incredible (40)
ENDURANCE: Excellent (20)
REASON: Excellent (20)
PSYCHE: Excellent (20)

RESOURCES: Good (10)

WEAKNESS: Psychological (afraid of being mocked)
EFFECT: Power negation
DURATION: Continuous with exposure


TELEPORT SELF: Starwipe can transport himself instantly from one location to another by generating, then stepping through, a dazzling star-shaped portal. His teleportation range is determined by a Power FEAT (use Range Table Column E).

PLASMA STARS (Ex): Starwipe can generate tiny stars that burn as hot as, well, stars. He can project them up to 6 areas (approx. 700 feet). If Starwipe achieves a Green Agility FEAT, he can hit a target with his plasma stars, dealing 20 points of damage (30 for Yellow, 40 for Red).

STARFIELD (Ty): While enveloping himself in tiny stars, Starwipe can ignore up to Poor (4) damage from attacks, and can reduce any greater attack by one Power rank. The starfield protects Starwipe from the following types of attack: physical, hostile environments, temperature extremes, hazardous chemicals, airborne infection, light, heat and flame, plasma, hard radiation, electricity, vibration, sonics, cold, and kinetic bolts. Starwipe cannot use his other powers simultaneously with his Starfield.

TALENTS: Guns, Martial Arts, Stunt Driving, Performance
CONTACTS: Police Department, Martial Arts Dojo, Talent Agency


Marcus Magnate was born Melvin van Schnibbles, but legally changed his name when attempting to break into the acting industry. He came from a wealthy family, but his parents essentially disowned him when he spent his entire college fund on plastic surgery and orthodontics. The pain of getting his braces tightened was so intense, it triggered his latent mutant abilities, resulting in thousands of dollars of property damage (which his parents had to pay as well).

The fact is, Marcus isn’t that strong an actor, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming of figurative (not literal) stardom. As a result, he considers his superhero career more of a placeholder, and hopes that it will lead to celebrity and multiple film deals.

Marcus mostly follows a strict moral code, at least when there’s a chance that his actions might be photographed or filmed. At his core, he’s vain enough to want to save the Earth mainly because it’s the planet where his (future) fan club (probably) dwells.


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